Doctoral Program

On the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences,Internet application has started.
(Attention) You have completed the Internet application registration and application fee payment within the application period, and the application documents must have arrived at Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


2022 October Enrollment

Eligibility Requirements for Applicants

Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements, 1 through 2.
1. Applicants must have obtained consent from the prospective supervisor from whom they will receive instruction after enrolling in the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

In selecting a laboratory,applicants should communicate in advance with the supervisor of their preferred laboratory.

2. Applicants must be eligible to acquire “Student” residence status at the time of enrollment, and must satisfy, or be expected to satisfy by the end of September 2022, one of the following requirements:

(1) Applicants must have received a Master’s degree, specialist Master’s degree, or Juris Doctor from a Japanese university.
(2) Applicant must have completed a Master’s degree course or a specialist Master’s degree course equivalent to those offered at this university at an institute in a foreign country.
(3) Applicant must be recognized by the graduate school as possessing scholastic abilities equivalent to those required to pass a Master’s degree at Kyoto University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and must also be at least twenty-four (24) years old.

Note 1. Applicants who meet requirement (3) must submit to an eligibility screening. Such applicants must apply to theStudent Affairs Office, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University by July 17 (Thu), 2022.

Application Guideline of Doctoral Program for October 2022 Admission

Internet application period, Application fee payment period: July 20 (Fri)  – 29(Fri), 2022
Application period: 9:00 – 17:00, July 28 (Thu) –  29 (Fri), 2022

Examination Date: September 1 (Thu), 2022

*Please refer to the guidelines for applicants for more information.
October 2022 Doctoral Program of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Japanese only)
(Closed) April 2022 Doctoral Program of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences  (Japanese only)

「Kyoto University Online Application」(Japanese Only)

Admissions guide for graduates from foreign universities

Applicants who have completed an undergraduate program at a foreign university and wish to enroll in Kyoto University as a research student or graduate student may be required to go through a reference process with the Admissions Assistance Office (AAO) before applying to the graduate school or institute they wish to enroll in.

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