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  photoishihama 石濱 泰 (Yasushi Ishihama)
    Department of Molecular & Cellular BioAnalysis
    Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Kyoto University

    Adjunct Professor
    Institute for Advanced Biosciences
    Keio University

    yishiham at
    Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Kyoto University
    Kyoto 606-8501, Japan
    Tel: +81-75-753-4555 Fax: +81-75-753-4601  

Degree / Specialization:
Ph.D.    1998      Kyoto University / Pharmaceutical Sciences
M.Sc.    1992      Kyoto University / Analytical Chemistry
B.Sc.     1990      Kyoto University / Organic Chemistry

Current Position and Past Employment History:
2010-present  Professor, Grad School of Pharm Sci, Kyoto Univeristy
2010-present  Adjunct Professor, Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University
2006-2010    Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University  
2006-2010    PRESTO Researcher, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
2001-2003    Visiting Scientist, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
1992-2006    Eisai Co., Ltd. Japan

Research Summary:
In the last century, Yasushi Ishihama worked on micro- or nano-scale separation biosciences using capillary electrophoresis and chromatography as well as mass spectrometry, and applied them to drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Since 2001, he has focused on proteome analyses based on nanoLC-MS technologies. So far, he and his colleagues have developed several proteomics tools such as nanoLC-ESI needle columns (J. Chromatogr A, 2002), StageTip mini-columns for sample preparation (Nature Protoc., 2007), an emPAI algorithm (Mol Cell Proteomics, 2005) which is currently available as a part of MASCOT, a CDIT approach for absolute quantitation and phosphopeptide enrichment approaches based on IMAC (2005, 2007). They also applied these technologies to Malaria proteome (Nature 2002), chaperonine GroEL interactome (Cell 2005), mouse brain proteome (Nature Biotechnol. 2005) and a target finding study for an antitumor natural small molecule (Nature Chem Biol., 2007).  

After moving to Keio University in 2006, he has focused on two main topics such as phosphoproteome and membrane proteome, and developed hydroxy acid-modified metal oxide chromatography (HAMMOC) for phosphopeptide enrichment and phase transfer surfactant (PTS)- aided protease digestion for membrane proteome, respectively. Based on these techniques, his group carried out several phospho- and/or membrane proteomics projects on human cancer, malaria, plants and bacteria. Recently, his group together with RIKEN Plant Science Center, reported the first large-scale plant phosphoproteome analysis including tyrosine phosphorylation (Mol Syst Biol 2008). He is also interested in computational analysis for large-scale proteomics data in collaboration with Keio SFC bioinformatics group (Mol Cell Proteomics 2009, BMC Bioinformatics 2010 & PLoS Comput Biol 2011).   

In October 2010, he moved to Kyoto University as a full professor of Department of Molecular & Cellular BioAnalysis (MCBA) in Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, while he still keeps his position in Keio Univ as an adjunct professor of IAB, Tsuruoka. Currently, his group is focusing on technology development for nanoLC-MS systems with meter-long capillary columns as well as phosphoproteomics-based cell signaling network analysis.    

Keywords:  proteomics, nanoLC-MS, mass spectrometry, phosphorylation, membrane proteins.
Web tools:  
Peptide catalog database ‘Pepbase’ (http://
Protein quantitation tool based on emPAI ‘emPAI Calc’ (

Selected Publications:

Top cited & the latest publications available from here
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