Welcome to the Laboratory of Molecular... Metabology?

The Laboratory of Molecular Metabology was officially founded by Dr. Jean-Michel Fustin with the support of Profs. Okamura Hitoshi and Doi Masao in Kyoto University in November 2018. While the characters "代謝学" in the Japanese lab name clearly convey the meaning of "study of metabolism", no existing single word in English was satisfying, and "metabolic biology" seemed too long.

Searching for an appropriate name, we came across these lines written in 1927 in the journal Science by Morris H. Kahn:
"The growth and study of metabolism has progressed so much that I believe the vocabulary can be increased by addition of the term "metabology" or the study of metabolic processes in the organism. This word does not appear in current medical dictionaries."

The Laboratory of Molecular Metabology was born.
What's New
For those who seek a superior alternative to VectorNTI, check Benchling, it's free!
Preprints of our latest work available on bioRxiv.
Renovation works have started, we will have a brand new lab within a few weeks!
Promotion: Jean-Michel Fustin is promoted to Associate Professor.
News releases related to the paper Two Ck1δ transcripts regulated by m6A methylation code for two antagonistic kinases in the control of the circadian clock.
Kyoto U. finds a 'Jekyll and Hyde'-like control system for sleep
Science Daily: New gears in your sleep clock
EurekAlert: New gears in your sleep clock