Campus Map

Main Building and Annex

The following locations are valid from April 2023

4F Dept. Organic Chemistry(TAKEMOTO Lab.), Dept. Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry(TAKASU Lab.)
Annex 4F Dept. Systems Biology(DOI Lab.)
3F Dept. Molecular and Cellular Bioanalysis(ISHIHAMA Lab.), Dept. Structural Biology(KATOH Lab.)
Dept. Genetics(IGAKI Lab.), Dept. Nanobio Drug Discovery(Shimada Lab. / Yonehara Lab.)Dept. Microbial Systems biology(ROBERT Lab.)
Annex 3F Dept. Systems Biology(DOI Lab.)
2F Commemorative Lecture Hall
Dept., Bioloical Chemistry(TAKESHIMA Lab.), Dept. Molecular Pharmacology(SHIRAKAWA Lab.), Lecture Rooms
Annex 2F Dept. Molecular Brain Science (OKAMURA Lab.)
1F Library
Dept. Neuronal Remodeling(CAMPBELL Lab.), Administation Offices Lecture Rooms
Annex 1F Experimental Station for Medicinal Plant Research
BF Laboratory aminal rooms, X-ray Spectrometry Lab.

New Research Building

5F Dept. Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry and Chemogenomics(OHNO Lab.), Dept. System Chemotherapy and Molecular Sciences(KAKEYA Lab.)
4F Dept. Patho-Functional Bioanalysis(ONO Lab.), Dept. Physiological Chemistry(NAKAYAMA Lab.)
3F Dept. Pharmacogenomics and Genomic Drug Discovery Sciences(HIRASAWA Lab.), Dept. Biophysical Chemistry(MATSUZAKI Lab.)
2F Dept. Drug Delivery Research(YAMASHITA Lab.), Dept. Biopharmaceuticals and Drug Metabolism(HIGUCHI Lab.)
1F Biopharmaceutical Chemistry(AKIBA Lab.), Instrumental Rooms (ESR, Histochemistry, Microscopes)
BF Center for Organic Elemental Microanalysis, Mass Spectrometry Lab., NMR Spectrometry Lab.

Med-Pharm Collaboration Building

5F Graduate School of Medicine area
4F Graduate School of Medicine area
3F Proteomics Lab., Graduate School of Medicine area
2F Center for Integrative Education in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dept. Clinical Pharmacy and Education(TSUDA Lab.),Lecture Rooms
1F Administation Offices(Curriculum Branch), Fujita Commemorative Lecture Hall, Lecture Rooms
B1F Graduate School of Medicine area
B2F Graduate School of Medicine area