Graduate School Curriculum Policy/Diploma Policy

Curriculum Policy of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Kyoto University
Graduate School Courses

  1. The Doctorate course instills and molds research personnel, who are capable of executing pivotal and creative research related to pharmaceutical sciences with an ability to plan and execute research studies, integrating basic and advanced professional knowledge and sophisticated technical skills in drug discovery research and pharmacotherapeutic research. In addition, the course also trains specialized professionals capable of teaching sophisticated cutting-edge therapies and nurturing research personnel.
  2. The Master’s Degree course aspires to cultivate the ability in students to perform original drug discovery research, and provides a learning process in acquiring sophisticated professional knowledge and technical skills necessary for basic drug discovery research as well as issue-discovering and problem-solving abilities.
  3. The graduate courses provide students with research work befitting their individual fields of study, where the results and significance of their work are discussed at the international level, besides nurturing the ability to develop a cooperative system in accommodating necessity.
  4. Without being handicapped by excessive academic specialization, the graduate courses also equip personnel to understand the scope and perspectives of their personal research from an extensive visionary horizon through the development of a self-designed ‘intelligence system’. The curriculum further supports a cross-sectional learning process not confined to any special field of study; and aspires to further research activity in unexplored fields by challenging the preexisting ‘intelligence system’ with a progressive spirit.
  5. The graduate courses additionally nurture the ability in students to consistently assess and scrutinize the phenomena involved in the human-nature symbiosis, and to execute investigations with a strong sense of commitment and a high moral and ethical perspective as well as to plan for further refining research activity through reliable observations of the true nature of things.


Diploma Policy of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Kyoto University
Graduate School Courses

  1. The Doctorate course requires students to undergo research training and guidance for a period of at least 3 academic years, and to participate and complete designated lectures and relevant academic sessions in line with the educational concept and academic objectives of the Graduate School. Award of the doctorate degree requires a minimum of 8 credits for students following the courses in the Division of Physical and Organic Chemistry, the Division of Life Sciences and the Division of Pharmacy and Biomedicinal Sciences, while a minimum of 18 credits for those pursuing the course in the Division of Bioinformatics and Chemical Genomics, in addition to submission of a doctorate dissertation based on students’ own original research and passing with credit acquirement in all designated examinations in the aforesaid course.
  2. The Doctorate course stipulates that students be equipped with the highest level of ability and responsibility in executing independent research activity or professional activities and duties requiring sophisticated skills in the pharmaceutical sciences befitting that of excellent research personnel on course completion.
  3. Award of the Master’s Degree course in the Graduate Course requires students to undergo 2 academic years of research training and guidance, complete designated subjects with at least 30 or more credits in line with the educational philosophy and academic objectives of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, as well as the submission of a Master’s thesis and passing of all designated examinations. The compulsory program of the Master’s Degree course includes lectures, practical training, seminars and experimental work.
  4. The Master’s Degree course stipulates that students be equipped with intensive and extensive knowledge and have a demonstrated ability to execute research in drug discovery and to perform occupations requiring high-level pharmaceutical professionalism on course completion.
  5. On course completion, students should thoroughly consider the following research perspectives: research activity should be executed with high ethics and a strong sense of responsibility as well as taking into due consideration of the effects on the harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature.