Campus Life Support Information

Admission Fee and Tuition Exemptions

Regular students who have financial difficulty may be eligible for admission fee exemption (full or half amount) and tuition exemption (full or half amount) through the selection process.



In principle, only those who hold the residence status of “College Student” (Ryugaku) are eligible to apply for scholarships.

The application process for scholarships varies. Some scholarships must be applied through the Kyoto University’s office while some can be applied directly by the individual to scholarship foundations.

Kyoto University has scholarship openings from a number of scholarship foundations. However, there is a high degree of competition for these opportunities because only those who have passed the university selection process shall be recommended.

Applications for scholarships can only be accepted after entrance to Kyoto University. Please ensure that you have sufficient financial resources prior to entering Kyoto University.

Please check the Kyoto University website for more information.


Employment Support

Kyoto University Career Support Center has been designed to support students in their job-seeking activities. It provides information and advice with regard to concerns and anxieties about finding positions, and consultation on employment measures, issues, etc.