Notification of Overseas Travel

Kyoto University requires students to submit a “Notification of Overseas Travel” when traveling abroad. The purpose of this form is to promptly alert students who are traveling abroad and confirm their safety in the event of a disaster, terrorist attack, infectious disease, or other emergency. Please be sure to submit this form for all overseas travel, including not only study abroad, research, fieldwork, participation in academic conferences, etc., but also private travel such as returning to your home country and sightseeing.

Online submission is now available through the “Kyoto University Management System of International Education and Student Mobility (KUIESM)” (From May 30, 2023). Please access KUIESM from KULASIS and register your travel information, etc. Please be sure to after obtaining permission from your academic advisor or group teacher 3 weeks before traveling overseas (including private travel).

Note1 :  Students who studies abroad are required to buy “Futai kaigaku”(Study abroad insurance coupled with “Gakkensai”).
Detailed information is here(Japanese page only).
Note 2: If you travel abroad for the purposes except for leisure or visiting home, we will register your travel information to the Japan IR&C Corporation’s risk management support system. Please check the registration notification email of the safety check app “Eye Finder” sent to you and use the service in a case of emergency.