Notification of Overseas Travel

Please be sure to submit the following overseas travel notification after obtaining permission from your academic advisor or group teacher 3 weeks before traveling overseas (including private travel).

    About prior confirmation

    (* Please check "No" for private travel.)

    Please answer the following questions because we are supposed to confirm the security export control in advance.

    (1)I will provide technology to others in overseas business trips. Please check either one.
    (Please answer “No” if you will take the technical information to overseas only for your own use not to provide or disclose the technology / information to others. Also, please answer “No” if you provide the technical information at the international academic conference that anyone can participate in without any entry qualifications.*Required
    (2) I will carry or send separately the research equipment to overseas such as measuring instruments and samples other than commercially available personal computers, digital cameras or mobile phones in overseas business trip. Please check either one.*Required YESNO

    Your Information

    Name*Required Ex.) Tarou Yakugaku
    Student ID*Required Ex.) 09********
    Date of birth*Required Ex.) 1970/01/01
    Zip code*Required Ex.) 606-8501

    Ex.) 46-29 Yoshida-Shimo-Adachi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

    Course*Required FacultyMasterDoctorOther(Research Student etc.)
    Sex*Required MaleFemale

    Detail of the Overseas Travel

    Period*Required FROM - TO Ex.) 2014/04/01
    If purpose nos.10 was selected, please provide specify.
    Country*Required Ex.) America
    City*Required Ex.) NewYork
    (If purpose nos.3-10 were selected, please provide further details.)
    Destination(s) Ex.) ****Univ.
    Please check the most appropriate entry: I intend to earn academic credits at Kyoto University during this trip.I intend to earn academic credits at the host institution during this trip.I do not intend to earn academic credits during this trip.
    Program Name*Required
    Please attach any relevant documents describing the program contents.

    Please use only alphanumeric file name.

    Scholarships, Sponsors, etc.*Required

    Emergency Contact in Japan during Period of Travel

    Telephone No.*Required

    Contact Details during Period of Travel

    Telephone No.
    Passport No.

    Travel Insurance

    Name of Insurance Company Futai kaigaku
    Name of Insurance Company (Except Futai kaigaku)
    Name of Insurance type
    Insurance No.
    You may leave above column blank if you buy "Futai kaigaku".

    Note1 :Students who studies abroad are required to buy "Futai kaigaku"(Study abroad insurance coupled with "Gakkensai").
    Detailed information is here(Japanese page only).
    Note 2: If you travel abroad for the purposes except for leisure or visiting home, we will register your travel information to the Japan IR&C Corporation’s risk management support system. Please check the registration notification email of the safety check app “Eye Finder” sent to you and use the service in a case of emergency.

    Please select your supervising professor or group teacher.*Required

    * Please get the permission of your travel from your supervising professor or group teacher before you submit this form.
    * Please select “Chairman of academic affairs” if you are a 4th year undergraduate and above who have not been assigned to any laboratories.

    E-mail will be sent to your supervising professor automatically.

    (1)My supervising professor will accompany with my travel.*Required YESNO
    (2)Someone other than my supervising professor will accompany with my travel.*Required YESNO


    Please click the submit button after input characters written on the image above.